Thursday, September 4, 2014

Stargate SG-1: Ouroboros

This novel's (SG-1 #23) strongest point, for me, was the Stargate Atlantis setting. It's pretty unusual for an SG-1 plotline to delve into Janus's mysteries, but I like it when it happens (episodes include It's Good to be King and Moebius). The alternate Atlantis timeline depicted in this novel is interesting and different and works pretty well; the characters are done well across the board. 

Melissa Scott brings us some Ancient technology
Ok, I have to admit that this review was half-written and saved in my queue. I forgot about it and now I can't find the book to go back and skim through again. So, I will leave this summary short. Suffice it to say, the novel form of universe switching was a nice idea. The interactions between the two sets of characters seemed like it could have been more satisfying, but they weren't really our Atlantis team anyway.


This one is a fun read. If you like SG-1 and Atlantis, you will like this crossover. If you're not familiar with Stargate: Atlantis, you will miss out on a lot, but you will probably be able to understand what you need to.


The Pegasus team getting into Wraith enzyme worked well. It is kind of a bummer to not meet alternate Weir, but it's supposed to be, I think. No one likes Colonel Sumner, right? 

5.5 out of 7 chevrons engaged

6 out of 7 chevrons engaged

Meaningful, interesting plot:
5 out of 7 chevrons engaged


TBD when I find the book and have a chance to refresh my memory for specifics. 

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